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      Company Profile

             Our products are widely used in home appliances, multimedia home networking, communications, automobiles, motorcycles, medical equipment, industrial control etc. Established in 1986,Zhuhai Huajing Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest domestic professional thick film HIC(hybrid integrated circuit) manufacturer.

             Our company has abundant experiences in designing and producing thick film HIC. With multiple production lines, a variety of techniques and equipment, we can make thick film on ceramic substrate, PCB, insulated metal board etc. according to different customers requirements, also we can do die bonding, wire bonding and SMD components automatic mounting.and we offer mold package, metal package, plastic cover package and epoxy resin wrapping, dipping or filling package etc.

              We produce color TV switching power thick film HIC, error amplifier hybrid ICs, projection TV convergence amplifier hybrid ICs etc. for the famous domestic color TV brands such as Changhong, TCL, Konka, Skyworth, as well as accept special orders according to customers technical requests, including some domestic and foreign well-known companies.

              The company set up perfect quality assurance system, we got ISO9001-2000 Quality certificate in Aug.2004.

              Our motto is ‘Quality comes first, Customer is supreme’, and always ready to serve you.


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